Frequently asked questions


Editorial services

Question: How are proofreading and copyediting different?
Answer: Proofreading is the final step in the editing process. It is strictly correction of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes—the technical stuff. With proofreading, I likely wouldn't make any edits unless something was wrong.                       

Copyediting calls for a different level of expertise. I work on sentence structure, word usage, consistency, flow, and style to help you make your content engaging and easy for readers to follow. Copyediting is not a substitute for final proofreading.

Question: How many times will you review my copy?
Answer: All services are for one pass from me to you. However, before I return your copy to you, I review it multiple times to address a variety of editing needs. When the copy is returned to you, the pass is complete. If you decide to make changes to your copy after the one pass and would like additional review, we can discuss fees for subsequent passes.

Question: How do you make edits to my copy?
Answer: I use the track changes feature in Microsoft Word, which lets you easily see the edits I make.

Question: Do you verify the accuracy of facts in my copy?
Answer: No. I do not provide fact or reference checking, citation creation or verification, quotation verification, copyright or permissions verification, or plagiarism detection unless our contract specifies otherwise.

Question: What style do you edit in?
Answer: I complete all edits in American English using The Chicago Manual of Style.


Question: How much do you charge to edit my copy?
Answer: The cost depends on the type and level of service you want and need as well as how quickly you need the work completed. Before we begin working together, I can provide you with a sample edit on your copy. This lets you see if my work is what you are looking for, and it allows me to gauge the level of detail that will best suit your copy. All estimates and quotes are in US dollars.

Question: Do you require full payment up front to start working my copy?
Answer: Not always. The payment schedule depends on the type of work and whether you are a new or established client.

For large projects, for example, books, a nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the project's estimated cost is due before work begins. You will receive an invoice for the remaining balance when the work is complete.

For short-term projects and recurring projects, new clients must make full payment before work begins. Established clients will receive an invoice for the full amount when the work is complete.

The full balance of the invoice is due within fourteen days of the send date.

Question: What forms of payment do you accept?
Answer: To make payment as easy as possible, you may use PayPal or send a check. You will incur a $35 fee if the check is returned for any reason. All payments must be made in US dollars.


Question: Are you available over the phone?
Answer: Yes. Consultation is available by phone and over Skype. All consultation is billed at a rate of $45 per hour.

Ownership rights

Question: What stake do you own in my copy after you have edited it?
Answer: After I receive payment in full, I do not own any rights to your work.