Copyediting looks at sentence variety, word use, style, and consistency to help your copy shine in its brightest light. I will do the following:

  • make edits to improve sentence structure and word choice

  • help make your points clear and concise

  • eliminate repetitive and other unnecessary words

  • address inconsistencies in thought, flow, and style


Are you looking for a direct, hands-on approach to shape your copy, show you exactly what you need to improve your writing, and help you learn writing skills that you can apply to future copy?

With premium copyediting, you’ll receive personalized recommendations and resources tailored specifically to your copy, your writing style, and your writing challenges. You’ll also receive detailed explanations of key edits so you have a complete understanding of why the changes were made and how they make your copy even better. This level of copyediting also highlights your writing's strengths so you can build on them throughout your copy.

You'll receive clean, polished copy that includes the following:

  • customized recommendations tailored to your specific writing style and challenges

  • clear, direct questions to help you consider alternatives and keep your writing on track

  • thorough explanations for critical edits and how they help improve your copy

  • personalized direction to resources that address your individual writing needs

Copyediting is not a substitute for proofreading, which should always be the final step in your process. Learn more about proofreading services here.

Contact me for rates and an evaluation of your copy.

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