Engaging your readers one word at a time . . .

Let me take the complicated out of your copy.

You're ready to share your story with the world—you finally have your ideas out of your head and on the screen.

Sometimes simple adjustments are all you need to make your copy stand out. Other times, you need heavy coaching and a direct approach to help shape your thoughts into content your readers will keep coming back to.

Copyediting is your ticket to reader engagement, client conversions, and business growth. Let’s work together to find the best options for your copy and make sure the words you’ve pored over are clear, captivating, and ready to wow your audience.

Send me your copy! I can help.

Why I do what I do

After earning a degree in journalism and an MBA and working fifteen years for a Fortune 30 company, I get to use the skills and creativity I use every day in the corporate communications world to help you connect with your readers.

To the “nonwordsmither,” copyediting can be as exciting as surfing the web with no internet access. For me, I can't get enough.

I am obsessive about grammar and love dissecting anything written (even toothpaste boxes and food labels have been the unsuspecting subjects of my word-obsessed observations). I am the person who, if autocorrect fixes an accidental typo, will delete the corrected word so I can type it in the right way myself. Strange? OK. But to me, that is the only way to make sure all is right in the spelling and grammar universe.

In my free time

I live in Denver, Colorado, where there is no shortage of amazing activities. I dabble in all sorts of crafts, love any animal that crosses my path, and travel every chance I get. When I'm not copyediting, you'll find me hiking in the mountains with my husband, playing with my pup (and super sidekick), Luca, or hopping on a plane to explore someplace new.